Apart from the precise hand of the plastic surgeon and good postoperative cares, the excellent aesthetic result of breast augmentation surgery is also related to the materials used during and after the procedure.

Women, until recently, have had to wear tight-fitting bras with a boring style and ugly appearance for long periods of time immediately after surgery. Many patients have faced the problem of finding underwear that fits their new size and at the same time brings the necessary support to hold the implants in place and keep their shape.

Nowadays, many different styles of bras are available on the market – from post-surgical bras with stabilizer band to soft and wire-free sports bras. So it is not surprising that most of the women have difficulty choosing the right bra for their breasts. If you have the same problem and you don’t know where to start then this article might be helpful for you.

Should I wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

It is essential to wear a compression bra after your breast augmentation procedure for the first 4 weeks or longer. This period usually depends on the surgeon’s recommendation.

In the field of plastic surgery, many of the operations and treatment types doctors perform require some degree of post-surgery compression and this includes breast implant surgery. Different breast augmentation operations require different types of compression.

A compression bra after breast augmentation surgery should be chosen carefully – it has to be the correct size, to be made of soft fabric without having any wires. Usually, this bra is used for a couple of weeks and then you can transition into something like a sports bra. It is important for your bra to fit well.

Immediately after surgery, your physician will give you special instructions. It is essential to follow his/her advice. There is no one that is in a better position to guide you in your recovery than the plastic surgeon who has done your operation. Keep in mind that after breast augmentation with implants the post-op care varies somewhat from surgeon to surgeon.

Why wearing a post-op bra is important?

Wearing a compression bra after breast surgery is necessary simply for the reason that there is a benefit of having some support at least in the earlier stage of the recovery from breast augmentation surgery. The other reasons why you need to wear post-op bra include:

  • Compression bras prevent post-surgical complications and side effects such as infection, swelling, lymphedema and others.
  • After boob job, breast implants need extra assistance and gentle pressure to be able to be brought down into proper position. Support bras are best to use for this purpose.
  • If you find that your breast implants are almost in the perfect position where you want them on your chest it is encouraging to “lock” the implants into place by using a supportive post-op bra for at least for six weeks after breast surgery.
  • Wearing bras also prevents bleeding and protect wound dressings from displacement. The first two weeks after boob job bleeding is the biggest issue. Compression bras provide compression and hold the breasts in the right position.
  • Support bras help speed up the recovery process and lessen scarring. Also, there will be swelling and pain that may be caused by the pressure of the breast implants on the tissue itself. By providing support to your breasts, the pain will be less.
  • Breast augmentation bra protects the integrity of the incision and stimulates wound healing.
  • Wearing a bra keeps you comfortable during the healing process.

Is it safe to wear a sports bra during your breast augmentation recovery?

Muscular woman in sports bra

When it comes to the wear of special bras after breast augmentation there is no specific type or style. Usually, at the time of operation, patients go home with a post-surgery bra. You will be asked to wear that bra for all 24/7 at least for the first two weeks and this is very important especially for larger bust sizes. When most of your swelling goes away then you can get into your own kind of sports bra.

However, you need to understand that different surgeons have different practices so it is best to check with your doctor.

All you need to know about choosing bras after breast augmentation

Choose a bra based on your surgery.

Choosing your post-surgical bra will depend on what surgery you had – with an incision under the muscle, armpit, around the nipple or under the breast. Different surgeries have a different effect on recovery time. The type of bra will also depend on your surgery outcome. Have a conversation with your doctor and follow his/her recommendation. Surgeons know what will be most beneficial for your recovery and what features to recommend when choosing a good bra after breast augmentation with implants.

Check the customer reviews

Perhaps it is good to check the opinion of women who have already faced this problem. You can find information online or just simply ask your friends who have done boob job.

Ask your doctor for recommendations

Doctors can always give you the most appropriate advice for whatever it is about. Ask them about the size that will be right for you, for certain types of bras as well as how many bras you will need.

Consider the price

It is good to think about the price you are willing to pay for the purchase of a bra. In general, the cost may vary widely. It means you can see bras that cost less than $30 but you can also find more expensive ones – up to $80. However, never skip on your purchase! Yes, a quality bra may cost a little more but well-made bras generally hold their shape better and support you more beautifully for a longer time.

What is the best bra after breast augmentation?

selection of different types of bras

The best bra after breast augmentation will have the following features:

  • Bras with a front closure. It is important to choose one that has front closure. Those bras are easy to change and you will not have to raise your hands. You can find bras with zipper as well as with clasps in the front.
  • A bra that is close to your body. The best bra for your breasts is one with a good compression but not too tight. It should fit well on your chest without giving you too much pressure.
  • Bras that are made of soft material. Good quality bras are usually made of soft fabric that does not irritate the breasts skin.
  • Underwire free bras. Make sure there is not going to be anything too tight around your breasts fold.
  • Bras with adjustable straps. Straps should feel stable but no too tight. Bra strap should not have to be shortened in order to lift breasts.
  • Breast augmentation bra with pockets. You should be looking for a bra with pockets for prosthetics like modesty pads or weighted forms. It will help balance your shape or fill out your shape and that way you can have some symmetry from side to side. Some bra comes with pockets and has little modesty pads already included. You might be able to get a lightweight breast form in those.
  • Bras with velcro elastic which holds drainage tubes.

We found that some of the most popular post-surgery bras on that market are Breast Whisperer bra and Macom Signature bra. Those bras offer a number of features – they are fabric soft, comfortable and underwire free.

How long after a breast augmentation can I wear an underwire bra?

Surgeons usually advise patients to wait around two months before wearing regular underwire bras. It can take time for your breasts to completely recover from the operation. Underwire bras or other regular bras can cause rubbing or irritation on your breasts and interfere with the healing process. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and do not rush to visit a lingerie store.

Time to go bra shopping. How to choose bras after breast implants?

Probably one of the most exciting moments after having a boob job is when you can go bra shopping. Most of the women report they can’t wait to start trying out new styles and showing off their new look.

Here are some key features you need to look for:

  • The band of the bra should remain at the same level as the front.
  • Bra straps should not have to be shortened in order to lift breasts.
  • Make sure you determine your cup size and your band size. You shouldn’t have excess space between the nipple and the cup of the bra.

Keep in mind, it is not just a bra, this is a way that you express yourself, the way that show yourself that you love your body so choose your underwear carefully.

In the end

Many women think certain size breast implants will equate to a corresponding bra size. But the truth is the size of your implants is just one of many factors in your new bra size. Your own breast shape, the amount of existing breast tissue you had, the cup size and even the size of your chest are all variables in determining your new bra size after your boob job. Keep in mind there is a difference between cup size and band size. So before you go ahead and buy new bras consider all of those factors.

Post-procedure bra shopping can be a fun and exciting time. Once you found the perfect bra for your new breasts you may enjoy clothing you have avoided prior to your plastic surgery or you may even set out for a new wardrobe altogether. Whatever you do, first you need to feel comfortable in your new bra and your new body shape.