Before and after images are some of the most accurate ways to see what happens after breast augmentation. Most of the pictures I’ve found so far are from overseas. But we have Asian bodies and I really needed to see before/after pictures of Singaporean women who did this. Not much luck so far, but I did manage to stumble across a blog by a Singaporean. She shared her experience on the procedure and the recovery process. Link here.

Breast augmentation and implant cost

Breast augmentation

“3 weeks ago, and the toughest period is now over. I am still in recovery – which usually takes 3 months to a year”

Dr Shens can be found at Shens Clinic – Korea Trained Plastic Surgery.

There aren’t two women with the same body, and because of that, there are multiple differences in regards to the way the breasts look and their size. Due to this, it can be hard to perform the same breast augmentation methods. No matter what type of breast augmentation procedure you try to use, however, there will always be some pros and cons in regards to them, and you need to read these carefully before you opt for any type of breast augmentation, as this can help you a lot!

Breast augmentation pros


One of the most important things when it comes to breast augmentation procedures is that they are safe, which means that you won’t have to deal with any problems during or after the procedure. These are made by doctors with a lot of expertise and training in this regard, not to mention that they are very efficient too, an important thing since many women are fearful about using such a procedure mainly because of that fear alone.

Alongside that, the breast augmentation procedure is fast, as it will take a few hours most of the time, and once that is done, you will be able to enjoy her new look immediately, without having to wait for a lot of time. Personally, I feel that the biggest pro of this process is that it provides you with an increase in self-confidence, something that many women with breast problems are lacking.


There can be a few complications as time passes, depending on the procedure. Some breast augmentations are designed to be removed or replaced after a while, so this is not a permanent solution. The breast augmentation process can be quite expensive too, so you do need quite a lot of money in order to undergo such a procedure. Because of this, many Singaporeans choose to do it in Thailand and other cheaper countries. Do it at your own risk. We’ve all heard HORROR stories from there before.

Another problem here is that medical complication, ruptures and even leaks can occur after a certain period of time, so breast augmentations need to be examined with care even after the procedure is over. Of course, you might not be happy with the results in the end, not to mention that you will also need to remove demanding workouts from your schedule as well.


Breast augmentation cost can vary greatly depending on the procedure you select. Simple silicone implants tend to be the cheapest and most basic option.


You can get breast implants done for as little as S$4,000 in Thailand! However, the medical facilities aren’t really regulated and communication is a problem. The worst part about it all is that if there are any complications or need for reviews, you have to go all the way back to Thailand. If you want to do a major op like this, it’s better to make sure your surgeon can always be contacted and is near you. I’d pay more to do it in Singapore to play safe. Not to mention all the botched surgery horror stories we see coming out of Thailand.

horror stories for breast augmentation

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Korea is an option here. For the cost of doing it in Singapore, you can get the op plus have a mini holiday in Seoul. However, the same problem in Thailand applies to Korea. There are so many clinics that you don’t know which to pick! The cheap ones are not reputable and you don’t know if you can trust them. The reputable ones are expensive enough for you to do it in Singapore instead. Finally, if you have problems after the surgery, it’s going to be very troublesome to go back to Korea to find your doctor.

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Breast augmentation in Singapore usually starts around $10,000. The lowest-priced I’ve seen so far is Dr Shens from Shens Clinic – Korea Trained Plastic Surgery, which starts at $9,788 at the time of this post. This sounds like a reasonable price as he’s also Korean trained and one of the surgeons who has performed the most number of breast augmentations in Singapore. Experience counts a lot in major surgeries like this. Dr. Edward Foo does it at $9,388 which is the next lowest I’ve found. He looks pretty new to the scene. There’s not much information on his website though as it’s rather empty now. I’d keep a lookout and see if there’s more info on community forums.


There was a doctor who quoted me $20,000. The price seemed a little bit too steep. Not sure why there’s such a big difference in cost even though the procedures are the same. I personally think this is a little overpriced.

Here take a look at  Vikki’s blog on her full story on her breast augmentation in Singapore.