While we might enjoy the process, it seems inevitable. Female breasts change over time and change their shape and firmness. These changes, such as loss of skin elasticity, post-pregnancy volume loss, breastfeeding, weight changes, and gravity. Heredity and genetics are also a factor. Some women may notice sagging even in their adolescence. For a lot of women, the loss of breast shape and firmness affects their confidence and self-esteem.

The good news is that if you want to restore the firmness and shape of your breasts you can do it. With a procedure called a breast lift surgery, you can regain the shape of your breasts. In general, the breasts are lifted and tightened by removing excess skin and stretching the breast tissue to form the new contour of the breast. Lifting the breasts can rejuvenate the body, and the profile of the breasts becomes younger and tighter.

In this article, you will read everything you would want to know about the breast lift in Singapore. You’ll read about the procedure, what happens during the surgery, risks, and costs you can expect in Singapore.

What is a breast lift?

This procedure also called mastopexy, lifts and improves the shape of a woman’s breasts. Breast lifts are suitable for women who want to improve the shape and position of their breasts. If you want to enlarge your breasts, the implants can be placed and the breasts lifted at the same time. We have to say that the breast lift is a very individualized procedure that may differ slightly with each patient. The difference in the method will depend on the size and shape of your breasts, the nipple, the level of sagging, skin elasticity, and goals of the patient. If the patients want increased breast size, they can get breast augmentation as well.

The procedure works by removing excess skin and redistributing of the breast filling. This will restore the original position of the breast. Breast lifts can be done as a single procedure or they can combine it with breast augmentation. Sometimes patients get additional procedures such as breast reduction alongside a lift. Breast reduction surgery differs in method and technique.

What happens during a breast lift?

During a breast lift procedure, the surgeon will make incisions around the areola, from the areola to the fold of the breast and horizontally along the crease of the breast. The number of incisions will depend largely on the patients’ specific case. Women who have only minimal sagging would only need one incision, usually.

The surgeon will lift the breast through the incisions. They will position the areola at a natural height as well. If the patient prefers, the surgeon can reduce the areola too. Removing excess skin will compensate for the loss of elasticity. The procedure is done under the so-called “twilight anaesthesia” and you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

How much does a breast lift surgery cost in Singapore?

The cost may also include additional tests performed in preparation for the surgery such as blood tests, X-rays, or mammograms. That being said, you can expect a cost of around $4000-$7000 for a breast lift in Singapore.

The overall cost for breast lifts in Singapore may depend on several important factors. Those include the plastic surgeon fee and whether you get additional procedures like breast augmentation surgery, breast reconstruction or breast reduction during your breast lift. If you do get breast augmentation, the cost will also include breast implants as well.

The final price also includes the consultation fee (some surgeons offer a free consultation, however), the facility fee (sometimes the surgeon will have to hire a surgical room in a clinic or a hospital if they don’t have a suitable facility), anaesthesia and any medications you might be given.

Types of Breast Lifts you can get in Singapore

There are four types of breast lift techniques you can get based on your individual case. During your consultation, the surgeon will determine the best option for you.

  • Crescent Breast Lift: this type of breast lift is suitable for women who deal with minimal sagging. The surgeon makes only one incision around the top outer edge of the areola. The benefit of this method is that the scar will be less visible.
  • Peri-Areolar Breast Lift: this method is suitable for women with mild sagging. With this technique, the plastic surgeon will make a circular incision around the areola. A huge plus to that method is that the scar will not be very visible.
  • Vertical Breast Lift: this method is suitable for women with moderate sagging and ones who might need more lifting. With this technique, the surgeon will make two incisions – one around the areola and one vertical from the areola to the breast crease. With this method, the scar around the crease of the breast will be visible.
  • Anchor Breast Lift: with this method, the surgeon will make three incisions – one on the outer edge of the areola, one vertical and one horizontal along the breast crease. This is suitable for women who would a significant lift and breast reshaping.

Can everyone receive a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery is a safe and effective procedure but as every cosmetic surgery, it’s not advisable for everyone. Usually, patients who have chronic health issues such as diabetes, smokers, or blood circulation issues. Also, it’s a good idea to talk to your surgeon in case you’re planning a future pregnancy. The changes that the breasts undergo during pregnancy can minimize and even nullify the improvements achieved through a breast lift. Plans for significant weight loss should be discussed for the same reasons.

The perfect candidate for a breast lift is a woman with average body weight, with fully developed breasts or ones who have given birth. Breast lift is also recommended for young women, especially in cases of asymmetry. Especially if the breasts are:

  • they are drooping but proportional to the body
  • experienced breast volume loss
  • without bra support, the nipple is tucked under the crease of the chest
  • the nipple and areola point downwards
  • the skin is wrinkled and the areola is enlarged

What’s the recovery from a breast lift like?

The initial healing may take 5 to 10 days. The sutures must also be removed during this period.

The recovery period after breast lift lasts several weeks, during which the swelling disappears and the shape and position of the breast are refined.

To ensure that your recovery will be going problem-free, follow the advice given by your surgeon. They will likely advise you to:

  • Wear a surgical support bra
  • Clean the area carefully and apply the medical creams your surgeon has prescribed
  • Take medication if your surgeon prescribed it
  • Avoid intensive exercise

You can read our article on what you should and shouldn’t do after breast augmentation for more information.

Will I see results immediately?

You’ll notice the shape of your breasts changes immediately. But it will take some time until the scars heal fully – it usually takes around a year until the scars become white. You can even get treatments to remove or reduce the appearance of the scars. The important thing to mention is that your breasts will still change with time and as you age.

Can I get additional procedures?

For some patients, breast lifts are a necessary surgery. Patients who undergo reconstructive surgery with breast implants usually get a lift on the other breast.