If for some women larger breasts are a dream, for others – the big bust can be a punishment. Excessively large breasts can result in serious health issues such as spinal deformities, chronic back pain as well as the need for more specific bras. Very often, women with large breasts have skin rashes and other problems caused by sweating and constant skin irritation under the bra straps. Under the weight of the large breast, the areola expands and also changes its shape. It means that the big bust is not just an aesthetic whim, but it is often a medical problem that can be solved with breast augmentation plastic surgery called breast reduction which is often paired with nipple and areola reduction.

For these and other medical and aesthetic reasons, women in Singapore often undergo breast reduction surgery. It consists of removing breast tissue and skin by various methods without affecting the integrity of the mammary gland. The operation results in a smaller, tighter, and aesthetically pleasing bust.

What is a breast reduction procedure?

The breast reduction procedure is very complex, as it involves both reducing the volume of the breasts and their shaping and lifting. The operation also successfully corrects the asymmetry in the breast volume. The result is a proportional body and a good-looking bust.

There are two types of breast reduction procedures that can be done in Singapore – liposuction breast reduction and traditional breast reduction surgery. Many women also ask if they can downsize their breast implants. Yes, you can have a breast implant reduction. But you need to keep in mind that this procedure will reduce not only the implant size but the breast volume too. To avoid this you may need to perform a breast reduction with lift. For more information on breast lift, we’ve written a post guiding you through what to expect before you get under the knife.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Singapore?

The average price for breast reduction surgery in Singapore is around $6000. The operation can be Medisave and insurance claimable if it is considered a medical procedure. Breast reduction with a breast lift is usually more expensive. The approximate cost for a breast lift in Singapore is around $5000 – $6000.

Signs you need a breast reduction

Medically necessary breast reduction is when:

  • You have chronic neck, shoulder or back pain;
  • Your skin under the breasts is irritated or you have a chronic rash;
  • You have posture problems and nerve pain;
  • Your breast size interfere on your physical activities;
  • You struggle to find clothes and bras that fit you;
  • Your self-esteem is low because of the size of your bust.

How is breast reduction surgery performed in Singapore?

Breast reduction surgery involves removing tissue and skin from the breast region by using various methods that sometimes may leave bigger scars.

As the size and shape of the bust are different for each woman, during the breast reduction consultation are taken into account the medical problem, the patient’s desire regarding the final results, and the aesthetic appearance after the operation. In cases when the breasts are really large, the nipple and areola are surgically removed, the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue are removed, the bust is formed and the nipple with the areola is transplanted to a higher position. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Its duration is from 2 to 4 hours.

The technique is normally chosen by the plastic surgeon and depends on:

  • breast size and shape;
  • size and position of the areola;
  • skin qualities;
  • the patient’s desire for breast volume.

The incision is made depending on the chosen method that can be:

  • around the areola and vertically to the fold, and in the fold itself below the breast;
  • around the areola and vertically to the fold under the breast;
  • just around the areola.

The excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed, the size of the areola is decreased and the gland is fixed in a higher position. After that, the incisions are closed with sutures. Drains are installed for 24 to 48 hours.

Preparation for the surgery

The first step is to go for a consultation. During the examination:

  • A picture of your breasts will be taken, reflecting their current condition;
  • You will discuss the result you want and to what extent it can be achieved;
  • You will be explained the operative technique that will be used and you will be shown where the incisions will be made;
  • You will be informed about the recovery period and about the possible risks and complications related to the upcoming plastic surgery;
  • You will receive instructions on what to do before the procedure and what tests you will need.

It is very important to consider why you want this operation. This is not a small plastic surgery that is performed quickly and easily. The surgeon will discuss with you the reasons why you want this procedure and how it is going to be done. Breast correction should not be understood as a cure for depression and as a guarantee of a happy future. In fact, a good mental and physical condition during plastic surgery is important. Discuss with your doctor all you want to know about the upcoming procedure. Make sure the surgeon is authorized and qualified to perform this operation. The trust between the doctor and the patient guarantees the good result of the operation.

Breast reduction surgery – recovery time

The average period for recovery is from 1 to 2 weeks. The breasts might be swollen for a couple of days. You should wear a special elastic bra for the first two months. Moderate postoperative pain is possible, which is quickly responded to by ordinary painkillers. Most patients can return to work after a week, but it takes 2-3 weeks for the discomfort and feeling of tightness in the chest to disappear. Although you can have visible changes immediately after the procedure, the final results can be seen after 3 months.

Breast reduction – aftercare

Postoperative care is important for the recovery and shaping of the final appearance of the breast. You will need to follow the surgeon’s breast reduction recovery tips as well as wear an around-the-clock bra. Lifting heavy objects and stretching should be avoided for about a month after the operation until the swelling is completely reduced and the breast tissue is fully recovered. During the first months, the scars should not be exposed to the sun or solarium.

Breast reduction: liposuction vs surgery

The other method for breast reduction that can be done in Singapore and also gives very good results is liposuction. It has quicker recovery time and is a better option if you want breast reduction without scars. It sounds good but liposuction has its disadvantages. With this type of reduction, you can remove only around 100 to 150 ml of fat form each breast and it does not address other types of tissue.

For people with large breasts as well as very poor skin quality and when a large reduction is required a surgical breast reduction will be a better option. If your goal is to reduce a couple of sizes and at the same time to keep your shape then liposuction breast reduction will be a good choice for you.

If you want to receive the best advice on whether liposuction breast reduction or breast surgery is more appropriate for you it’s always better to consult a plastic surgeon.