So, you’ve just had your breast augmentation surgery thinking the hardest part is over. But you might be wrong. The recovery process is an essential part of the whole experience and if done right, it will maximise the results. If you mess it up, though, you may undo the plastic surgeon’s efforts and hard work. To help you get the most of your postoperative journey, here is a list of do’s and don’ts after breast augmentation that will give you an idea of what to avoid and what is okay to do during those first few weeks following the procedure. Keep reading this blog post.

Do’s after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Let’s start with the stuff women can or should do once they get back home with their brand new breasts.

Take at least 5-6 days off work after surgery

This one goes without saying but let’s just go over it so there is no confusion. The fact that breast augmentation doesn’t normally require an overnight stay at the hospital doesn’t mean that you can continue with your life as is. You will need to take a sick leave from work and use that time to rest as much as you can. Then, you are going to include small jobs and activities into your day little by little until you feel strong enough to return to your normal routine.

Take a short break from exercise following your breast surgery

During the first few days of your recovery, it is essential to allow your body to do its thing without the stress of normal activities. Your main focus should be on recuperation.

As you approach week 2 post-op of your recovery, you can slowly ease your way into exercise. Start with light tasks around the house like washing the dishes and picking up stuff from the floor. Remember to not lift any heavy items. If you have small children, make sure to arrange for someone to take care of them for the time being, whether another family member or a friend.

You can engage in short walks until you are given the green light to go back to your training regimen. Your body is your best indicator of how far along you can go with your light exercise. If a certain movement or activity is too much, it will respond with pain and discomfort. This is usually the time where you stop whatever you are doing and chill.

Wear a sports bra the first 2 weeks post-op

Muscular woman in sports bra

It might be tempting to forget about the bra but keep in mind it may compromise the breast augmentation results. Wearing a sports bra or a post-surgical compression bra is necessary to pamper the implants and keep everything in check. After a few weeks of your recovery, your doctor will measure your breasts and advice on the type and size of your new bras to buy. This will be the time you return to those Victoria’s Secret pieces you like to brag about.

Massage your breasts after your breast augmentation plastic surgery

Breast massages are essential during the first couple of months after breast augmentation surgery. A woman should massage the treated area for 5 minutes several times a day. The doctor who is in charge of your operation will instruct you on the proper technique and frequency of the breast massage sessions. After that time period is over, you will be encouraged to continue this practice every now and then. Follow the physician’s recommendations.

Do stay in touch with your physician after the surgery

Women should make certain they have their doctor’s phone number at hand in case they stumble across a problem and are not sure what to do. This way they can call them and pick up their brain on the matter. If something about how your body is recovering is bothering you, you had better bring it up to your physician. They will tell you if something is off and will ask you to go back to the cosmetic clinic for a follow-up as necessary.

Keep away from the sun after plastic surgery

Your skin will be sensitive after the breast augmentation procedure and you had better stay away from the sun so as not to irritate it any further. Always wear appropriate SPF when you have to be out in the sun. Cover your breasts with clothes to avoid hyperpigmentation. Never go topless. Also, restrain from using sunbeds. Ask a plastic surgeon with holding a board certification when it is safe to go back to sunbathing and fake tanning.

Eat healthy foods

Balanced healthy food

Overall, it is important to stick to a healthy diet at all times not just after breast enhancement. Feeding your body nutritious foods will not only provide quality fuel so it can heal quickly but also ensure that all organs and systems are in tiptop condition.

Be patient after your plastic surgery

Every woman and breast augmentation procedure per se are different and it takes a different amount of time to go through this experience. As much as you want it to happen, you can’t step out of the doctor’s office and into your everyday life. Expect to spend a few weeks feeling anything but your best self. There will be some pain, even some sleepless nights probably. It will take a while for you to get accustomed to the new circumstances. The best way to deal with that is to discuss all your options with your plastic surgeon.

Don’t push yourself too hard and try to stay within your comfort zone during the recovery. A lot of patients don’t give their bodies an opportunity to heal properly before they jump back into their hectic routines. Don’t be one of these. Your body will thank you.

Don’ts Following Breast Augmentation Surgery: What should I avoid after breast augmentations?

Now, other than a list of things to do during your recovery period, there is also one on what not to do because it might interfere with the healing process. Check it out.

Don’t engage in arduous exercise or heavy lifting after breast augmentation

Young woman exercising at home interior

Regardless of how you feel right after the plastic surgery – and you won’t be feeling your best self right away – you have to understand that your breasts will need more time to get accustomed. Any intense physical activity like running, jumping, swimming, and heavy lifting will impact the boobs and the results at that. Not to mention, it could extend your breast augmentation recovery process. Patients with small children should delegate child care and housework to their family members, neighbours, or friends.

Don’t keep information from your plastic surgeon

Whether you are taking certain medication or have had any medical issues in the past, or are currently experiencing unexplained symptoms, you have to let your plastic surgeon know. This applies to diet supplements that you are taking, any allergies you know you have, recreational drugs, and everything in between. Be 100% honest. Withholding information from a physician can put your life at risk. Even small details could impact your breast augmentation recovery (check out our article on what you can expect after breast lift as well).

Don’t smoke or drink alcoholic beverages after plastic surgery procedures

There is probably no need to tell you that alcohol and tobacco use inhibits your body’s ability to recuperate. When you drink or smoke, all the pain medication and antibiotics you are ingesting cannot do their job properly.

When carbon monoxide from cigarettes reaches your blood cells, which are responsible for oxygen transportation, it lowers oxygen levels in the body. Without oxygen, proper healing is not possible, nor is survival. On that note, it is vital to refrain from both alcohol and tobacco use a few weeks before you go under the knife.

Your plastic surgeon will give you directions on what you should or should not do. Your job is to take their recommendations seriously.

Don’t expect to enjoy the outcome of plastic surgery right away

Perhaps one of the biggest misunderstandings among breast augmentation patients is the final result. Most women wrongly assume that they will walk out of the clinic with the perfect breast shape and get to enjoy the perks immediately after the procedure. No wonder they are frustrated to find out they have to wait a few weeks, even months, for the breast implants to settle and assume their final position in the chest.

In the beginning, the prostheses sit much higher than they should, making the bust look unnatural. Later on, as the healing process steps in, tissue grows around them and the body slowly adapts to the changes. In addition, the breast implants soften up a little and travel down just low enough to look like and also feel like natural breast without sagging. This applies to both saline implants and silicone implants.

Don’t sleep on your stomach after breast augmentation surgery

Topless woman sleeping in bed

Under no circumstances should you attempt to sleep on your stomach if you are a stomach sleeper. It may cause great discomfort to not be able to enjoy your favourite sleeping positions, but you have to think about the breast implant. If you sleep on it, the pressure will cause deformities and ruin the shape and volume. It will create unsightly results and undo the brilliant work that the plastic surgeon did.

The first 4 weeks after your surgery, make sure you sleep on your back. You may try stacking some pillows to get that elevated position, which will reduce soreness and swelling. A recliner will help you get comfy. You need to leave your breast implants alone. Not to mention, you should keep the incisions from popping open. Lying on your stomach will create pressure around the chest that may have some undesired effects.

Bottom Line on Do’s and Don’ts after Breast Augmentation Surgery

As you can see, there are plenty of things you should or should not do following breast augmentation plastic surgery. Women and all patients as a whole ought to follow the list religiously. Of course, don’t take our word for it, go ahead and ask your plastic surgeon about the dos, don’ts, and other things you need to pay attention to after the procedure. Some of these tips are common sense and don’t need to be reiterated.

Since you have made the decision to go under the knife, you are probably aware of all the risks and pitfalls it could bring. And you are ready to embrace the dos and don’ts that come with it. Every surgery has a recovery period, which varies from patient to patient. It’s a package deal.

So, there is no need to tell you that you have to take responsibility for your own health. The breast augmentation recovery period is long, although not as long as it is with other surgical procedures.