Today Hollywood trends are going in a more and more natural direction. Therefore, there is serious competition for traditional breast implants. The solution to this is fat transfer to the breast. What does it mean?

Recently breast fat transfer augmentation has become an alternative to silicone and saline implants in Singapore. This is a plastic surgery procedure where the mammary glands are replenished with their own adipose tissue, which is taken from other areas of the body.

You may think it sounds perfectly convenient to take fat from one area and place it in another. However, the reality is a bit trickier and not without considerations. If you think to undergo plastic surgery like this it is important to find out in advance what it is and how it works.

How does fat transfer to breast augmentation work?

In Singapore, breast enlargement or augmentation with fat transfer (also called fat grafting) is plastic surgery that involves a liposuction procedure where the fat is removed from a particular body area and a fat grafting procedure where that fat is put into the breast area to add volume and fullness to the breasts. Through liposuction, the surgeon collects fat from areas with excess body fat. These might be hips, thighs, abdomen and so on. Those are normally areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Then the fat removed through liposuction will be injected into again to increase breast volume.

fat transfer and other breast augmentation methods illustration

Fat grafting operation should be done by a plastic surgeon. The doctor will perform liposuction in the areas with excess fat, improve contour, process the fat to inject and process only viable fat cells and get rid of all the waste materials that develop from liposuction. The plastic surgeon will take the volume and stem cells, and very carefully graft them to augment the breasts. A sufficient amount of fat is typically required to effectively enlarge the breasts.

How much is fat transfer breast augmentation surgery in Singapore?

The average cost for fat transfer breast augmentation procedure typically ranges between $$11,000 and $$16,000 depending on which plastic surgery clinic you chose, the surgeon’s fee, the volume of fat that is going to be transferred, and so on. Usually, the price of breast implants and fat transfer is similar. However, the operation could be a little bit more expensive because it includes two procedures in one.

The Medisave and insurance companies typically do not pay for cosmetic surgeries like fat transfer breast augmentation, unless they are done for medical reasons.

Who is a suitable candidate for fat transfer / fat grafting?

Breast augmentation with fat grafting is a good option for people who wants more natural breast enhancement and who prefer not to have breast implants. Women who do not want a prosthetic device (breast implant) in the body and who are looking for a more modest augmentation of the breast are typically good candidates for this aesthetic surgery. It is not suitable for patients with breast cancer.

The ideal candidate will be someone who wants to go up to about one cup size or full cup size.

How long do results from fat transfer breast augmentation last?

After fat grafting, not all the fat which is placed will survive. Approximately 50% to 70% of the fat stays in place long term. While the rest will not hold and will be removed by the body’s waste removal systems over the following months of the breast surgery. The body will establish its own blood supply to nourish and maintain the implanted fat cells and once the blood supply is established the results are permanent.

What are the risks of breast augmentation with fat transfer?

Like every procedure, there is always a little bit of risk associated with anything that has been done. Due to liposuction and subsequent transfer of adipose tissue in the mammary glands, after about a day you may have redness, swelling, subcutaneous haemorrhage, and bruising appear. To be afraid of this is not necessary, they will all disappear in about a few weeks. The appearance of these unpleasant side effects depends on the volume of the transferred tissue and on the area from which it was taken. In two or three months you will be able to see the final result. There is minimal risk of infection or damaging blood vessels during the operation.

The benefits of breast enlargement with fat

  • It is a more natural method of increasing breast size. Fat transfers procedures use your own tissue. There is no placing of foreign bodies such as implants in the breast;
  • Compatibility of the “donor” adipose tissue with the tissues in the transplantation area, which excludes the risk of rejection (as with implants) or the development of allergic reactions;
  • Minimal body discomfort;
  • In the mammary glands, you can put a different volume of adipose breast tissue, which is important for bust asymmetry;
  • This type of bust enlarging allows plastic surgeons more flexibility in shaping the breast. The results after the procedure are noticeable immediately;
  • Short recovery time and less invasive method;
  • There are no scars after the surgery;
  • Ability to simultaneously adjust the problem areas and increase the breast volume in the desired area.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation with fat

  • It is not suitable for very thin girls or ladies with very poor skin elasticity;
  • You may need multiple fat grafting procedures if you want to achieve a bigger breast size;
  • With significant weight loss after surgery, the volume of the breast will also decrease, and vice versa – with increasing body weight, the volume of the breast will also increase. After having this surgery is important to stabilize your weight;
  • Increasing the volume of the mammary glands with their own fat in one procedure can only be one full size. It is because the material is not encapsulated and large volumes will not allow it to be fixed in a certain area;
  • With fat injection, the breasts do not lift unlike breast augmentation with implants. Also, fat graft method cannot correct droopy breasts ;
  • It is more expensive because, in fact, you are getting two procedures – liposuction and breast enlargement.

Breast implants vs. Fat transfer breast augmentation

woman examining two types of breast implants

Many women are confused about which is better enlarging the bust with breast prosthesis either silicone or saline implants or having a fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer is a good option for breast augmentation however it’s not common as placing breast implants. The reason for that is because breast augmentation with either silicone or saline implants is easier, quicker, and more popular among women. Another reason why most women opt for surgery with breast implants is that they can make their breasts any shape and size they want. It means they can easily achieve bigger breasts.

On the other hand, breast enhancement fat grafting has many advantages to breast implants such as long-lasting results and a more natural breasts appearance. The operation is less invasive and painful than breast implants surgery. The other important thing is you don’t have to worry about the implant rupturing or displacement. Ruptured saline or silicone implant may require removal, or in some cases more serious reconstructive surgery.

Breast reconstruction or breast augmentation procedures are possible by doing a fat transfer over breast implants. Even, fat transfer and breast implants can be performed as complementary procedures.

Fat grafting procedure can be also combined with breast lift surgery. This will additionally enhance the upper-body contour. Breast lift with breast fat transfer is a particularly good option for breastfeeding women.

To conclude

If you are still not sure whether to choose traditional breast implant surgery or fat transfer breast augmentation, you might want to schedule your initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The doctor can provide you with detailed information on the risks, advantages, and disadvantages of both procedures. Also, based on your anatomy and desired outcomes, the plastic surgeon can suggest the most appropriate procedure for you.