Would you like to boost your boobs? Breast implant surgery is one of the easiest, less risky and most effective ways to do so. However, before getting breast augmentation you will need to make some vital decisions. In addition to choosing a clinic and specialist plastic surgeon, you will also have to select the type and the brand of implants as well as their shape and size.

For most women, picking the right breast implant size is the most difficult task before cosmetic surgery. Ideally, it shouldn’t be too small or too large, it just needs to be in proportion to your body and look natural for your body type.

That sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Our aim in this article is to provide clarity on this topic and help you select the right breast implant size for you.

Breast implant sizing: how it works?

Implant Volume Measuring

Implants are usually sized by their volume, and the unit of measurement is cc or cubic centimetres. There is a wide range of breast implant sizes available on the market, from small, which can be between 12 and 250cc, to medium, 300-350cc, to large, which can be up to 500cc. The most common ones used in cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation range from 350cc to 500cc.

It is important to note that breast implant sizes are different from bra cup sizes. In fact, using bra cup size when picking implants, is not an accurate and reliable method. It is because there can be a wide variation in bra cup sizes between manufacturers and brands.

Other factors to consider about your breast implants

In addition to the volume, there are also a few other factors that will significantly affect the size of the breast implant. They include the width or diameter of the device, as well as its height and profile projection. Profile projection relates to how much your breast implant will stick out from your chest wall. The profiles may vary from low, medium, and high profile breast implants, and they are closely related to the height and width of the implant.

A key characteristic of an implant is its width or diameter. It can be measured at the base of the implant from the side that will be placed over the chest wall. The diameter of the implant will actually determine the shape of the breast when viewed from the side.

We will discuss the profile and width of the implants later in this article.

Which breast implant size is right for you?

An ideal breast implant size is one that is proportionate for your body and provides the fullness, shape, and profile you desire. A number of factors must be taken into consideration before selecting the right one for you.

Your body shape/body type

In general, breast augmentation surgery isn’t just about getting bigger boobs. The implant size should be chosen based on the unique anatomy and body type of each patient, in order to ensure that it fits correctly and is well proportioned with the body shape.

Many women just show up to the surgeon’s office with a picture or an idea of what breast size they would like to achieve. Sometimes, ladies choose a certain size because their friend had breast surgery, and they like the way she looks, so they want the same breast implant volume. There is a good chance that those women didn’t realize their friend is 170 cm tall and weighs 66 kg, while they are 150 cm tall and weigh 50 kg.

Therefore, an implant of 400cc, for example, will have one result on the first patient, and a completely different one on the second patient. A good way to choose an implant is to try them on and to find out which one makes your body type appear proportionate. If you are short and thin, it may not be a good idea to select wide or very large breast implants. On the other hand, if you are taller, you might get the desired results from wider implants.

Your natural breast tissue and chest wall

It should go without saying that women who have naturally larger breasts and stronger chest muscles are able to handle larger breast implants. On the other hand, for ladies with small breasts and a narrow chest wall, very large implants might be an issue. It will not only look very unnatural but may also result in back and shoulder pain, and other complications.

Another thing that you need to consider when choosing breast implants is how much breast tissue you have. The smaller your natural breasts are, the thinner breast tissues you have, which ultimately means that larger implants won’t be suitable for you.

Your lifestyle

Do you exercise regularly? Do you practise any sports? Have you considered having children in the near future? Are you overweight? Are you trying to lose weight?

It is important to consider all of these things when choosing breast implant size. As an example, if you exercise a lot, lift weights, run or play any sports, then getting large breast implants might not be the best choice for you. Performing strenuous exercise will become more challenging and tiresome if you enhance your boobs too much.

It’s also important to understand that breast augmentation is a big decision. It will impact your future life in a significant way. If you plan to have a baby soon, it might be better to postpone your breast surgery. The reason for this is that your breasts will change after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are in the process of losing weight, it is very likely that you will experience sagging skin on your breasts.

Therefore, it is best to wait until you have reached your desired body weight, to prevent changes in your breast size and ensure that the result lasts a long time.

Your personal goals

It’s extremely important to consider what you truly wish to achieve. Would you prefer a bigger, fuller bust or a more natural-looking breast? Would you like your boobs to have a more round appearance, or would you like to have a teardrop boob job? Do you aim for a full perky Barbie doll appearance or do you prefer a more balanced base and projection?

When it comes to choosing the size of your breast implants, your personal goals and desires will probably be the most important factors. After all, it is your choice whether your boobs will appear bigger and fuller or just a little enhanced and more natural. A surgeon can only recommend a size that matches your body and lifestyle, but the final decision is yours.

How your surgeon can help you choose the best breast implant size for your body?

Surgeon help her patient to choose the best breast implant size

During your breast augmentation consultation, the surgeon will take some measurements in order to determine what breast implant size will best match your body. Despite the fact that there are many different theories regarding breast implant sizing, there are a few basic and common measurements that plastic surgeons typically take.

Breast width.

The width of your natural breasts is one of the first and most common measurements that doctors use to decide on the implant size and volume. During the consultation, your surgeon will measure the distance between your midline and armpit fold.

This will give the physician an idea of the breast’s width.

Breast height

This is the height of the actual breast gland. This can vary considerably depending on the size of the breast.

Breast volume

A special tool may also be used by the doctor to pinch the skin on the top of the breast in order to determine the volume of the breast under which the implant will be placed.

Distance between the nipple and the external notch

In general, it can vary between 19 centimetres and 21 centimetres. Anything beyond this range indicates ptosis or droopiness of the breast.

Intermammary distance

It is the distance between the nipples and should also range between 19 and 21 centimetres. It is possible for some people to have a nipple-areolar complex that sits far more laterally or medially. In such cases, the surgeon may recommend additional procedures such as breast lift.

Distance between the inframammary fold and the nipple.

It gives the surgeon an understanding of how much gland is beneath the nipple.

Rib cage shape, width and circumference and your shoulder width

These measurements determine what bra cup size you are currently wearing.

All of these parameters are considered when determining the size of breast implants. Once you have taken them, the plastic surgeon will ask you about your desires, goals and the kind of volume you are looking for. Also, most plastic surgeons keep differnt breast implant sizes at the clinic, from small to very large.

By placing them under the bra you are wearing, you can view how each size looks on you and decide which type of augmentation is most appropriate for you. Most women will have one or two consultations with the specialist plastic surgeon to decide on the size, shape, and brand of their implants.

As soon as all of your measurements have been taken and your desires and goals have been discussed, you and your surgeon will decide which implant is best for you. Once that is done then the doctor will proceed to breast augmentation surgery.

Other factors to consider when selecting the right breast implant size

When it comes to breast augmentation, many women mistakenly believe that the only important thing to consider is how big the new boobs will be. Size isn’t the only factor that will impact your new look. The shape, profile, and even the brand you select will also have a significant impact. For example, round implants with a volume of 400cc would appear entirely different from teardrop-shaped implants with the same volume.

This section explains more about the different profiles and shapes of breast implants.

Profile and diameter of the implants

There is a wide variety of implant profiles made by different manufacturers – some are tall and narrow, while others are wide and short. Implants of the same size can have different projections in profile, which makes them appear different on the breast. In general, implant profiles can be divided into three groups.

  • Low profile implant. It usually appears flat and wider. This type is suitable for tall women with broad chests. It will cover her entire breast and give a cleavage.
  • Moderate profile implant. This one is a bit narrower and sticks out a bit higher compared to the low profile implant. Moderate profile implants are suitable for women with moderate chest size. This is the most common implant profile.
  • High profile implants. These are usually the narrowest and tallest implants. High profile implants are ideal for women with narrow chests.

A certain size implant is available in different profiles so it will fit women with different chest widths.

Texture and shape of the implants

Breast implants are available in two shapes – round and anatomical or teardrop shape.

  • Round breast implants. Round breast implants are a classic shape that most women picture when they think about a boob job. This implant shape might be suitable for you if you aim to achieve more fullness in the top part of your breasts and a curve that is proportionate to your body.
  • Anatomical breast plants. They give the breasts a more natural shape, as they slope gently from the nipple to the breastbone. If you are seeking a more subtle, natural-looking breast result, teardrop shape implants may be worth considering.

Round and teardrop breast implants also come in two textures – textured and smooth.

  • Textured breast implants. This type of implant has a rough surface and adheres more easily to the tissue. They are generally used for anatomic shaped implants to keep them from rotating. They have lower rates of capsular contracture and the breast settles down and out to the side over time.
  • Smooth breast implants. In comparison with textured breast implants, a smooth breast implant shell is not as thick, making it feel softer and more natural which is why most women prefer them. The implants are also free to move within the pocket of scar tissue that forms around them, which is another benefit.

In addition, based on their filling material implants might be divided into two groups: silicone (filled with silicone gel) and saline implants (filled with saltwater or saline). Silicone implants are typically more popular and more commonly used than saline breast implants. You can read more about saline and silicone implants as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, here: /types-of-breast-implants-singapore/

To conclude

Everyone has their own idea of what nice breasts should look like. Some people like larger implants while others prefer a more natural-looking breast. After all, the most important thing is that you enjoy the size of your new breasts and that you feel comfortable with them.

However, in order to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results, you need to be careful when choosing the type, shape and size as well as the brand of your implants. It is important to make sure that the implant fits your breast correctly. An implant that is too large or too wide will distort the natural appearance of the breasts and make them look unnaturally augmented.

Moreover, remember that the doctor performing this plastic surgery will also have a significant impact on the outcome. Do your research on different aesthetic clinics and ensure that you select a board-certified plastic surgeon for your breast implant surgery.