There are so many buzz and interesting facts about the “new generation” of breast implants. But there are far more puzzled looks and questions about the microchips that are found in the implants. Despite the scepticism, everyone seems to like the idea of the chips which is interesting. I know I’ve already mentioned the chips twice. It’s an inside safety technology that Motiva came up with. Here’s the official explanation: “Q inside safety technology is an FDA cleared, first of its kind technology that provides an electronic serial number from within the body for patient control and verification of their implant, for safety, well-being and in the event of a recall or adverse event.”

Sounds cool and sophisticated ain’t it.

They’re like the same type of chips that we implant in our pets. Basically, all the information about the patient is stored on them, including the implant type that the patient has, size of the implants, the surgeon who performed the procedure, and the date they were inserted, etc. What I personally think is that this is a great attempt made by Motiva in order to prevent the panic that was caused after the PIP scandal, and also for safety reasons. It is a great idea and one of the main reasons why people are shifting towards this new generation of Motiva Implants.

Motiva’s TrueTissue Technology™ and Ergonomix™ allows for the ultra-soft gel to flow according to the woman’s posture. Before Motiva, you are either get to have implants in teardrop shape, or round implants. What amazes me now is that Motiva results in the best of both worlds – a teardrop shape when standing upright and a round implant when lying down, resulting in a natural look and feel.

About its elasticity –  here’s a quick video.


With Motiva’s TrueMonobloc™, the entire shell is one whole structure. This allows for easier implantation and a smaller scar during insertion.

What Are Motiva Implants?

A premium brand of breast implant in the market, Motiva is a medical-grade, long-term implantable silicones with extensive chemical, physical and biological testing, filed with the FDA. With a safety record of more than 30 years in the medical industry, Motiva has proven itself to be the most reputable silicone manufacturer in the US. Adopting the softest gel, it is a clear winner when compared to other products in the same category that are currently available in the market. Motiva breast implants deliver not only natural-looking but also natural feeling breasts regardless of one’s lying or standing position.

The company’s products contain a silicone gel. Doctors prefer silicone gel items because they create more realistic results. Patients will also choose from a variety of Motiva implant sizes to make their natural breast tissue exactly how they want it to be to the touch, feel, and look.

Varieties of Motiva Implants

There are three different types of breast implants offered by the company.

Motiva® Round

As the name implies, this type of Motiva implant comes with a round shape and is suitable for patients who want a balanced firmness and highest projection possible. Unlike teardrop shapes, this one tends to fill in the upper part of the breast too. This gives the breasts a perkier appearance. They not only look fuller but also younger.

Motiva Ergonomix®

One of the innovations of cosmetic and plastic surgery, this breast implant is so flexible and adaptable to the body that it creates the most natural look and feel ever. It was designed to follow your movements, just like real breast tissue, regardless of whether you are walking or lying down. There are two bases depending on your chest proportions: oval and round. Four different projections are available to accommodate your needs and ensure that your new boobs will be proportionate to the rest of the body.

Anatomical TrueFixation®

Without a doubt, one of the downsides of teardrop-shaped implants is that they come with textured shells. Why would that be a disadvantage, you would ask? Traditionally, doctors believe that this texture minimises the risk of malposition or displacement of said item. However, it is also the culprit of chronic inflammatory complications that sometimes occur in patients with breast augmentation. What Motiva did here is provide a special breast implant that can fit anatomically well into the tissue so it doesn’t have to be textured at all. This is why their TrueFixation® product has a smooth surface.

In addition to being easy on the body, it is surgeon-friendly too. What does that mean? The items come pre-marked with blue radiopaque dots and lines, providing guidance for the specialist who is inserting them. Those lines can show on an X-ray long after placement, meaning your doctor can safely track down any changes in position. With that piece of valuable information on hand, they will be able to recommend a certain course of action, if such is needed.

So, as you can see, the company is ahead of its competition with its smart and convenient designs. All implant types are impressive but two do stand out from the rest. Motiva’s TrueTissue Technology™ and Motiva Ergonomix™ allow for the ultra-soft gel to flow according to the woman’s posture. It’s simple. Before Motiva, you either get to have implants in teardrop shape or round implants. What amazes me now is that the brand combines the best of both worlds – a teardrop shape when standing upright and a round implant when lying down, resulting in a natural look and feel.

The good news is that these breast implants are now available in Singapore as well thanks to some clever and skilled specialists.

What is MotivaImagine Center?

A MotivaImagineTM Center is a strategic location with several state-of-the-art DivinaTM 3D imaging systems, accommodating breast augmentation consultations in a branded setting. Through MotivaImagineTM Centers, Establishment Labs utilises breakthrough consultation tools thereby creating an elegant and productive patients surgical journey. The MotivaImagineTM Center promises to offer superior customer experience from consultation to plastic surgery, like no other. This is the place you want to go if you’ve chosen to use Motiva’s products.

What does a MotivaImagine Center do for me?

  1. Guest comfort zone
  2. The Motiva guest is directed to a dedicated area with enhanced features
  3. Guest education
  4. Educational materials and resources that inform guests about the surgical process
  5. 3D imaging

With its capacity to manifest the potential post-breast augmentation outcome even before the procedure is done, 3D imaging is the peak of technological advancement in the plastic surgery arena. With 3D Imagine, it essentially is able to quell pre- and post-surgery apprehension in any breast shape and form.

Are you looking for a specialist who performs a Motiva breast implant?

As far as I know, there are only two to three plastic surgeons in Singapore now who are using Motiva breast implants. However, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu’s (Dr Shens) is the first-ever plastic surgeon to be handpicked by Motiva to use its product, making Shens Clinic the pioneer in Singapore to launch an imagine mobile centre. This is due to his expertise in breast augmentation Singapore and his impeccable work.

Nestled in the heart of CBD, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu’s (Dr Shens) day surgery centre, Shens Clinic can be found at Winsland House 1. An NUS graduated alumnus, Dr Shens received years of rigorous training under the supervision of the very best experts in Korea and Columbia USA. It is his undeniable expertise in breast implants that drew the company’s attention to his persona. And this is how he ended up being the first to ever use Motiva’s product on the island, a fact that he is immensely proud of.