There are so many buzz and interesting facts going on about the “new generation” of implants. There are more puzzles and questions arose for microchips that is found in the implants. Despite the scepticism, everyone seems to like the idea of the chips which is interesting. I know i’ve already mentioned about the chips twice. Its an inside safety technology that Motiva came up with, here’s the official explanation – “Q inside safety technology is an FDA cleared, first of its kind technology that provides an electronic serial number from within the body for patient control and verification of their implant, for safety, well-being and in the event of a recall or adverse event.”

Sounds cool and sophisticated ain’t it.

They’re like the same type of chips that we implant in our pets. Basically, all the information about the patient is stored on them, including the implant type that the patient has, size of the implant, the surgeon who performed the surgery and the date they were implanted, etc. What I personally think is that this is a great attempt made by Motiva in order to prevent the panic that was caused after the PIP scandal, and also for the safety reasons. It is a great idea and one of the main reason why people are shifting towards this new generation of Motiva Implants.

Motiva’s TrueTissue Technology™ and Ergonomix™ allows for the ultra soft gel to flow according to the woman’s posture. Before Motiva, you are either get to have implants in teardrop shape, or round implants. What amazes me now is that Motiva results in the best of both worlds – a teardrop shape when standing upright and a round implant when lying down, resulting in a natural look and feel.

About its elasticity –  here’s a quick video.


With Motiva’s TrueMonobloc™, the entire shell is one whole structure. This allows for easier implantation and a smaller scar during insertion.

Are you looking for a specialist who performs breast implant with Motiva? As far as I know, there are only 2 to 3 plastic surgeons in Singapore now who are using Motiva Implants.  However, Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu’s (better known in Singapore as Dr Shens) is the first-ever plastic surgeon to be handpicked by Motiva to use its product, making Shens Clinic, the pioneer in Singapore to launch a Motiva imagine mobile centre. This is due to his expertise in Breast Augmentation.