After consulting a number of surgeons personally, plus having done treatments with them for other things before, in the past, I’ve shortlisted 3. Beauty and community forums in Singapore are also a great source to research on this topic.

Dr. Shens

5star Dr. Shens

Found out that he used to practice at another clinic. The thing about Dr. Shens is that he always patiently explains things during consultancy and never pushes hard for the sale. He also charges the lowest prices in Singapore now despite being one of the most experienced breast augmentation surgeons in the country. Maybe it’s an early promotional push and prices will go up soon. One thing that’s for sure is he’s getting VERY popular lately so if you want a consultation with him, you better book fast.

Dr. Andrew Tay

3halfstar Dr. Andrew Tay

Dr. Andrew is one of the more mentioned names online. His prices are reasonable too. Many of us think he can charge lower because of the location of the clinic. He probably pays less for rental so he passes the cost savings to the patients. That’s good for us. The downside though is that his schedule seems very packed. I once had to wait more than a month for a consultation!!! Imagine if this happened during my post-op after something went wrong. The availability of my doctor is a very, very important factor to consider.

Dr. Woffles Wu

3halfstar Dr. Woffles Wu

He’s one of the first names the come to mind when people talk about cosmetic surgery in Singapore. Dr. Wu is one of the pioneer plastic surgeons here. However, maybe because of his name and reputation, his prices are also very high. From what I can gather from fellow forum members, there’s no real difference in the quality of the results between him and other doctors. I guess he’s still one of the most recognized names so I’d put him up here. But he lost 1.5 stars simply because of the fact that he charges SO MUCH MORE!

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First of all, before making your decision, you need to make sure that your diagnostic is the same from multiple doctors. Only by talking with more than a single doctor you can be sure that this is the right step to take. Remember, this is your body, and you are the only one responsible for the decisions you take in regards to its wellbeing. One thing many people forget before going for their operation is that you’d need new bras. Prepare for that.

On the day before the op, you’d also very likely be advised to fast for 8 hours. But research has shown that a little water doesn’t risk the operation process. Everyone gets thirsty. Steal a sip if you need to. Just don’t fill yourself up till you’re bloated. It’s also good to work out your back before surgery because the breast augmentation process will provide you with more weight to carry in the front of your body. In order to counter-balance, you need to ensure that your back is up to the task, and performing workouts in this regard is a sheer necessity!


Using some drugs such as Xanax after the surgery might help you a lot. These will help you inhibit the pain and thus you will feel a lot better in the end. Walking is a good thing to do after surgery, because even if you are not working out, it just allows you to feel better, and in many cases, it will actually feel like an accomplishment, which is great, to say the least. Skip strenuous exercises. That means if you do high energy sports, hot yoga or whatever… that all stops for at least 2-3 weeks.

It’s also important to avoid driving at least for a while, since the pain can remove your attention from the road, and this is a bad thing that can happen. Being careful in regards to this is essential, and the solution is to just avoid driving.