Out of curiosity, if you google “how to know if the boobs are fake?” you’ll find some articles that actually reports on the way to tell a boob job has been done. Came across one such article that was reported on Men’sHealth magazine in 2014. The article title was, “5 signs her boobs are fake – here’s how to tell without being a total creep!”

A certain New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe assisted in the article. According to them, this list helps men find authentic and bogus. I disagree with some of it though… or kinda all of it.

According to Dr. Rowe, if the breasts are too close to each other, they’re not real because typically, there are about 2 to 3 inches of space between breasts. However, with breast implants, this gap is allegedly shrunk significantly.

How can you tell if someone has breast implants?

According to Dr. Rowe, “When doctors put in breast implants, most of the time they’ll just pop them in and set the breasts very close to each other, near the midline of the chest.”

woman covering her breasts preparing for surgery

Really? I know tons of women who were born with big breast and even if they’re not wearing padded bras, those breasts just meet each other in between.

  • When the breasts are set too high on her chest, they’re another dead giveaway of a boob job done. According to Dr. Rowe, usually, breasts are located in between the armpits on the chest but some implants are placed in from the armpits and make the breasts go up high.
  • “They look like Cantaloupes”. Breasts are shaped like pears or teardrop but if the breast is round, they’re totally fake said, Dr. Rowe. While this is true, a lot of implants nowadays follow the natural shape of the breasts – including teardrop implants.

woman covering her breasts with her hand

    • Scar spotted. This may be the old method of breast augmentation leaves scars, but as of recent times, breast augmentation has been modified so well that the scars can be hidden under the boob. Hence, hiding the scars so breasts look natural.
    • You can hear sloshing. I’m just gonna quote this whole paragraph cause I think it’s quite funny if you read it as it’s written. Bottom of Form “You might need bionic ears (or just a quiet room) for this one to work, but here’s a sign you can actually hear instead of seeing: Women with saline implants—an alternative to silicon—will sometimes give off a “sloshing” sound when they move side to side. That’s probably the result of the surgeon filling up the implant once it was inside the woman’s breast. If the implant doesn’t fill up all the way with saline, it creates an air pocket, which is audible. It’s not something you’d notice on a woman walking down the street, but you can definitely hear it in an intimate setting,” Dr. Rowe says. So listen up

    So what do you think? Getting a boob job or not, the bottom line is, he’ll be happy to see it eventually. *wink wink*

push-up bra

More ways to spot if someone had a boob job done

Look at the size

Of course, breast size can’t be the sole determinant of whether someone has implants but it’s an important thing. You should look at whether the size of the breasts looks proportional to her overall body. But sometimes even that can’t be a telling sign of whether some have implants or not. Sometimes women have a larger chest even if they’re with a smaller frame. But overall, if the breasts look too big it may be a sign of a boob job.

Look at the movement

Natural breasts are mostly made out of fat so they move very differently than implants. You should be able to see if breasts are natural when a woman runs or when she stretches. Natural breasts would move with her body and if she leans forward the breasts should fall slightly. Implants usually don’t move as much – they would stay at the same place even if the woman is laying down. When a woman is laying, for example, natural breasts would fall to the side. And when the breasts don’t move a lot – they’re probably implants.

Look at the shape

Generally speaking, if the shape looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Of course, there are plenty of women with naturally next-to-perfect breasts but that’s not the case for most women. And by perfect we mean those breasts that just look like perfect orbs. Real breasts come in all shapes and sizes but implants do not. Furthermore, most women’s breasts look different from each other – sometimes one is slightly bigger than the other, and that’s perfectly fine. But with implants, both breasts will look identical. Also, with implants, breasts have a higher arc compared to natural breasts that have a curve.

Look at the placement

A lot of the time, breast implants are placed way too high on the chest. Real breasts would usually be found at the armpit height. You can tell if someone has implants if the space between the breasts is too wide (while the breasts are still relatively big). This means that the surgeon didn’t put the implants in the correct position. Also, if the woman is not wearing a bra you would see the natural position of the breasts.

Other signs

Sometimes you can tell whether someone has undergone breast augmentation based on the shape of the breasts or the position of the nipples. If the implant hasn’t been placed correctly, they would point at different directions. Or the breasts themselves would point in the same direction. Also, if the woman seems generally petite and small but has breasts that seem too large for her frame maybe she has breast implants.

How to avoid a bad boob job?

Breast implant surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries out there. Millions of women have had it done and achieved amazing results with it. But unfortunately, not every plastic surgeon does a good job. We’ve gathered some advice on how to avoid botched breast enhancement.

Start with your current breast size

One important thing to remember is that if your starting breast size is small, then you shouldn’t go for a very large immediately. Increasing an A-cup to a C cup would probably not look very natural on your body. The natural look has become increasingly more popular than the super big breasts that dominated before.

The breast implants should be suitable for your body shape

The surgeon will choose where to place the breast implant to achieve the most natural result. For smaller women, the surgeon will likely choose to place the implant under the chest muscle so the implants themselves are not so visible. Of course, that also depends on your body type as well. During your first consultation, you should talk to your surgeon about your expectations and goals with the surgery. This way you’ll both decide what’s best for you.

Choosing silicone or a gel implant

Some patients and surgeons note that saline implants can look unnatural because you can see the movement of saline. That’s why you and your surgeon should talk about your options and which type of breast implant is best suitable for you. The silicone implant does look more natural but some women prefer the safety of saline implants. Fortunately, enough there are some new generation breast implants that use saline but still look natural.

Consider breast lift if you have saggy breasts

If you have saggy breasts it may best to choose a breast lift instead of breast augmentation (or maybe you can do both). An implant won’t make a difference to sagging breasts and it can make your breasts look and feel too unnatural.

Final Thoughts

Getting a breast enhancement can be beneficial for our self-esteem and confidence. But probably not if we’re not happy with the results. No one is insured against being unsatisfied with the results from plastic surgery but there are certain things we can do. First, communicate with your surgeon about your goals and listen to the advice they give you. But don’t forget to research as much as you can before choosing a surgeon – ask your friends, family or the internet for reviews to make sure you’re ending up with the best possible choice. We hope this article was helpful and we hope that you’re happy with your results if you ever decide to get breast enhancement!