Breast augmentation, by placing implants, is one of the most desired surgical interventions among women in Singapore. The only proven method for permanent breast augmentation is through surgery in the field of plastic surgery. Breast enhancement by placing silicone implants is an aesthetic correction to achieve a tight, well-shaped, and aesthetic bust.

Nowadays, given the development of new technologies, manufacturers of breast implants have created modern models of them. In the history of the existence of breast implants, the last generation is characterized by higher quality, safety, and “naturalness” than its first representatives.

What types of breast implants are there?

There are various classifications and types of breast implants. One of them is the division of implants into two large groups: round and anatomical (teardrop). The round implants, wherever they turn, remain round. The anatomical ones are more natural and beautiful in the nude, and they also absorb the sagging of the bust better in the presence of excess skin.

According to the structure, the breast implants are mainly divided into two types: silicone and saline. Both of them have silicone coverage and filler.

What type of breast implants the doctor would recommend depends on individual anatomical characteristics on the patient such as height, weight, and the shape of the breast.

Round vs. Anatomical Breast Implants

The round breast implant has the same height and width. The other important thing about the round beast implant is that the projection point, the part that sticks out of the most from the chest wall is in the middle of the implant. For a lot of women, that is sitting above where the nipple is sitting and so it doesn’t always give the best possible shape. Compare this to an anatomical implant the most projection part of the implant is actually the junction between the lower third of the implant and the upper two-thirds of the implant. Due to that anatomical implant has a much more natural appearance or aesthetic appearance for a breast. The other advantage of an anatomical breast implant is that compared to a round implant the wide can be changed as well as the height of the implant independent of each other. Projection can be also changed for this kind of breast implant. The projection is how far out the breast implant comes from the chest.

However, it should be noted that the use of round profiled endoprostheses quite often gives the most optimal aesthetic result. Important features are the structure of the mammary glands in each case. For example, anatomically shaped implants are used for flat breast augmentation surgery and to increase and improve the shape of a round breast prosthesis. Choosing a specific model, the plastic surgeon starts with the patient’s wishes and goals for the increase of their breast size.

woman holding two types of breast implants

Silicone breast implants

Silicone breast implants differ in the substance of the gel. These are normally filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants are the most popular type of breast implants among women. The latest generation models have a cohesive gel (gummy bear implants) that achieves the required level of elasticity and preserves the shape of the breast, and when it breaks, this filler does not pass through the coverage of the prosthesis.

Advantages of silicone implants

  • Minimal risk of creases and wrinkles in the chest, which allows women with small breasts to place them on the muscles behind the breast tissue;
  • They can be both round and anatomical shape;
  • The natural appearance and softness of the breasts, which makes them look natural;
  • Very light compared to a saline breast implant, which reduces the risk of its displacement under the action of gravity;
  • Silicone breast implants are considered a long-term effect with a lower risk of capsular contraction or rupture.

Disadvantages of silicone implants

  • A possibility of rupture of the shell without external signs, which makes it difficult to detect during a routine examination by plastic surgeons;
  • More visible postoperative scar;
  • Higher price.

Saline breast implants

Saline breast implants contain sterile salt water inside. They have a more pronounced softness on palpation and often have a “bubbling” effect. In the case of rupture of the membrane, saline solution is leaking into the breast tissue, which is quite unpleasant, but not dangerous for the patient’s health. The cost of such implants is much lower than that of silicone, which is why they are still in high demand.

Advantages of saline implants

  • Affordable option because of their relatively low price;
  • If the shell breaks, saline will be safely absorbed by the body;
  • Minimal cuts and scars;
  • Minimal risk of developing capsular contracture;
  • Rupture can be easily detected.

Disadvantages of saline implants

  • These are more visible and as a result, the breast looks more unnatural;
  • Very often they wrinkle and move;
  • They are not suitable for women with small breasts because the implant can be visible under the skin;
  • These breast implants are heavier.

Gummy bear breast implants

Gummy bear breast implants are also popular as highly cohesive gel implants. These are also made from silicone, but the silicone used in the gummy bear implant is more cohesive than a silicone gel implant. This kind of breast implants tends to hold its shape much better than silicone. This happens because the gummy bear implant molecules are more cohesive which allows them to stick together a maintained position rather than spreading out. The cohesiveness of the gummy bear gel is readily apparent when it’s cut. The implant gel sticks together and there is very little spread or leak of the gel from the shell of the implant. If the cut gummy bear implant is squeezed the gel will quickly return to form within the shell. Compare this to a silicone gel implant where once the shell is cut the gel is a lot looser than a gummy bear implant gel.

Size of breast implants

The patients often ask what size implant is right for them. Before choosing the perfect size the most important thing is finding a good doctor that does breast augmentation surgery.

Choosing the correct breast implant size is one of the most important decisions the patient will make when undergoing breast augmentation. It’s best to try to steer clear of talking in cup sizes. A much better way is to talk about shape, size, and volume. For example, some women can have a 260cc implant but a 260cc implant doesn’t look the same in all patients. A 260cc implant can be a narrow high projecting one or a flat broad one which is called a low projecting implant. The better way to choose the right one is to base the implant size on dimension. The surgeon will measure the patient’s breasts and define what their natural anatomy is. After that, he will perform a sizing exercise which allows the patients to try on different sizes, to have a look, to find what works better for them, and then based on the appearance, the doctor will choose the appropriate implant.

How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants’ longevity is estimated to be between 10 and 20 years. And when we talk about longevity we are talking about the outer layer or shell of the implant and how long it will take for that shell to potentially leak or fail. If the patient has a saline-filled implant it’s pretty abruptly realized that they have a leak because that saltwater in the implant gets resorbed. Whether is a gel or a silicone gel-filled implant oftentimes the doctors may not know if there is a leak and therefore they get regular monitoring for these patients to determine if the implant is leaking.

The implant is not a lifelong device, it doesn’t repair itself, it doesn’t heal itself and therefore will be some maintenance in some need for monitoring long- term when they are placed.

Breast augmentation in Singapore

As we said the first and most important step before undergoing breast augmentation, is finding a good plastic surgeon who will answer all your questions on the treatment and also will go through with you how the process would be like.

One of the most common concerns that many women have is how much it will cost. The price of breast augmentation surgery in Singapore may vary depending on the clinic you choose, the surgeon’s fee, the type of implant, and so on. The total cost of breast augmentation in Singapore starts from $11000 as it wouldn’t be more expensive than $15000. It’s important to remember that this price includes the cost associated with the operating room rental, the anesthesiologist, nurses, type of implants, supplies as well as the surgeon’s fees.

When looking into the cost of breast augmentation and implants it’s important to understand that there are many factors that can affect the price such as the type of implant you get. It should be based on the suggestions of your surgeon, according to your personal desires and your anatomy rather than the price. The type of implant you choose will affect the total cost. Silicone implants and teardrop implants are normally more expensive than saline and round implants.

Frequently asked questions about implants

How long do I have to wait to exercise and go to work after breast augmentation with implants?

Your doctor will best advise you how long you should not go to work and when, and how to resume workouts. Do not rush to overload, especially the upper body. Let your body rest and heal. The recovery period is different for different women. The first few days are usually the most uncomfortable. The average time to full recovery is four to six weeks. Walking is usually recommended to improve blood circulation. The larger the implant, the heavier your breasts will be. You should wear a good bra while running to minimize skin pulling and ptosis (sagging) of the breast. Consult your doctor before resuming your activities.

Can I go to solarium or expose to the sun?

Getting a tan in a solarium or exposing the sun will not damage the implant, but it can worsen the scars. The incisions should not be exposed to sunlight or UV rays for at least one year after the operation, as the incisions in the solarium can permanently darken the incisions. The implant may heat up and cool down more slowly than your body.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

Many women with breast implants successfully breastfeed their babies. Recent studies show that women with breast implants, whether filled with gel or saline, do not have higher levels of silicone in breast milk than women without implants. However, in rear cases, breast implants can affect the ability of some women to breastfeed. This is especially true of the peri-areolar incision. Some women get mastitis, an inflammation of the milk ducts during this time, which can also cause capsular contracture. Taking medications at the first appearance of symptoms can minimize the possibility of such a problem. Always tell your doctor about signs of inflammation.

In conclusion, there is not one implant that is better than the other, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what is your individual anatomy.