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1.    I was depressed

I was never obsessed with big breasts. When my body started developing, I had a full figure but my boobs remained flat. It was difficult buying clothes to fit me properly. I became depressed. I spoke about getting my boobs done with my family and I searched for a surgeon I was comfortable with. I told my surgeon I would rather not have boobs than have a huge one. He recommended me to go for C cup to fit my voluptuous frame.

I am so happy now. My clothes fit, I regained my confidence and my boyfriend don’t even know I had my boobs done. It was never about getting attention or flaunting it; it is about making myself happy.

– Jamie Seah, 25, Accountant

2.   To have my old ones back

before - after breast augmentation

I had breast cancer and ended up getting a bilateral mastectomy. Prior to that, I had large breasts and then becoming flat chested was so depressing. I felt like I lost part of myself that made me feel like a woman. When I got my breast implants are half the size of my natural breast as recommended by the surgeon, but I appreciate my new boobs.

– Catherine Sng, 38, Full-time housewife, A mother of 2

3.   I was being a bitter wife

before - after breast augmentation2

I have ample rear and rather curvy body. Unfortunately, my chest was flat. Although my husband loves me the way I am, I always felt inadequate. I would push away his hands when he touched my boobs while we made love. I felt like my body did not complete its growth cycle. Wearing anything fitting would only make my butt look huge cos my chest was flat. People even asked if I had butt implants. When my husband agreed to my request for breast implants, we did our research together. We went across this online blogger who provides useful and insightful information which captured my attention the most. Knowing that she did hers with Shens Clinic Korea Trained Plastic Surgery, I ring up the clinic and booked my first appointment with them. The surgeon was warm and answered all my questions truthfully. He even told my husband that my boobs will be perkier and move a little differently but feel natural to the touch. Now, I feel complete and my relationship with my husband has improved tremendously.

– Liu, 31, Customer Service Officer

4.   I want to be normal

reason for breast augmentation

When puberty hits, I realised something was not quite right. As the year passes by, it became apparent that one breast was significantly smaller than the other. It was almost 3 cup size difference. I never got intimate with my boyfriend cos I was afraid he would know I stuffed sponges in my bra to make my boobs balanced. When I was 23, I decided to get my boobs done. Surgery and recovery was difficult but once healed, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

– Eleanor Goh, 24, University Student

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